I got a Knitting loom set


Cute! You don’t need a mouth. You are officially a mermaid expert!


Thanks ! now I can go on to something else lol i’l see who wants this one I don’t have plans for her just wanted to try the blue :smile: I might try a snake scarf next .


She will make a cute Luvie for a Reborn Mermaid.


Yeah she would but I don’t have a mermaid reborn lol


I started making one earlier this year and did not like her, but I am hopeful the vision will come back to me so I am not throwing her away!


You all are awesome at this.All I can manage is hats.Lots and lots of hats.


Hats are good think how warm you and your friends, people and reborns family will be !


I am thinking judging by some of your other works she would be wonderful all you need to do is get the creative juices flowing again . And stay away from the trash can !


LOL, I’ll try.


Since you may have a mermaid in your future which will need a Luvie I can let you have the blue one at the same price as my pink one went for just let me know that way if you are dissatisfied with your mermaids you can throw both away at the same time :smile:
Anyway done with mermaids on to my snake scarf now LOL


I will take her!!! Sending you a PM Yay! Thanks, I feel like I won the Lotto!
Nice Snake scarf!


Loving everything you make, those mermaids are so adorable!


Yay !!! nothing like the Lotto but I am glad you are happy feel free to add blush , ear rings , head band , mouth or any little thing you want to embellish her to your liking .


Thanks ! the mermaids are all over for now three is my fish limit lol its on to something new anything done too often or takes too long to do gets boring for me :smile:


So here is my terrifying snake scarf and by golly I am surprised but this is something I have no complaints about I like it .


So cool (or hot ?) !!


Thanks ! could go either way cool or hot lol I have a grandson who is into snakes so I am thinking this will be just the thing for him .


Yep I completely agree!


After reading the whole thread and seeing so many nice items I ordered a loom set. Can’t wait to start knitting with it :wink:


Welcome to the fun seems a lot of people have tried it and you either love it or you don’t :smile: look forward to seeing what treasures you come up with .