I got a Knitting loom set


Thank you. I used to have one as a child. Looooong time ago :wink:


My recent project almost done this five piece set is for my Pokemon fanatic grandson he also likes blue so that is what he gets .


@Moonray glad you are joining us!

@marrabo Love the snake scarf? I think I’d like to try a scarf next. My Walmart still does not have chocolate brown. Pokemon’s things are cute!


Thanks Anne the snakes are not difficult just making a very long tube just get bored with the same thing forever it seems lol .
I think you are probably going to have to order if you want chocolate from the way it sounds same thing with any yarn I want for me .
Now the Pokemon things are also very quick that is a plus in their favor as far as I am concerned :smile:


Your grandson will love these.


Thanks ! his mother assures me he will to he is Pokemon all the way lol gonna give him this handmade as a gift along with his bought things for Christmas .


These are great, I love the button accents, they are perfect!


Thanks ! I thought about crochet for the buttons but liked the actual button idea better .


Thank you! @marrabo I really really love her!
Now I have to pull my Mermaid out! But she is content to sit with Riley for now!


Yeah she made it that was a long long swim I was thinking she might get ate by something before she got there :smile:


My Husband likes her too - What! No telling what she was up to, lol!


Riley looks like why am I stuck with the fish :smile:


He is saying it is a Girl Doll, I am a Boy, lol!


That would do it :joy: she could at least have brought him a car to play with .


Thank you, glad to be here.


What can i make with a green size loom? And what type of yarn should I buy again? :grinning:


Anything, how many pegs does it have? My green one has 31. I used it to make adult hats. I used Red Heart 4ply yarn.


I want to make a sweater for my freezing chihuahua!!


I’ll count the pegs!!!


@marrabo may be able to help more!