I got a Knitting loom set


That may fit maybe the next size down the one we use for baby hats, mine is blue and 24 pegs.


My green loom is 24 pegs so I guess it depends on brand. My 31 peg is purple


Here you go small dog pattern using 24 peg loom you could use double yarn to make it warmer
If this one isn’t one you like just search for knitting loom dog sweaters several pop up .


I haven’t done this I don’t have a dog any longer never had a small dog though and small dogs are just wannabe’s :smile:


How cute!


I have 5. 2 big, 3 small. And they are all a pain in my butt. But also my favorite reasons to wake up!


This one is great!! Going to count pegs now!!!


After having out lived three who were as dear as our people family I couldn’t force myself to put myself to that pain again so after we lost our nine year old boxer I refused to take on another one .
my smallest baby was a beagle followed in size by my chow chow then the largest my boxer so we had no small fur babies .


I had a very large boxer who was the love of my life and definitely the reason I got up in the morning, lost her almost 2 years ago--------NO MORE for me, way too painful. I understand @marrabo.


So the snake made it to my grandson it was met with two thumbs up and he loves it excuse the cover over his adorable face but as this is a public forum I did it for his privacy .
Behind that air balloon is a big smile and sparkling eyes lol


It looks even cuter on, didn’t think that was possible!


Thanks I face timed with him last night he ask lots of questions about the construction lol


A snake scarf for a little boy has to be so much cooler than any other scarf lol! Bet he shows it off to everyone!


Yeah he was asking mainly about the eyes how I got the pupils to look correct and explained to me how the eyes on a snake worked and then there was the fork of the tongue how did it get that and that led to him explaining how the snakes tongues worked as I said he is really into snakes :smile:


My loom has 31 pegs! Now I need yarn!’


Lol, hurry up. You are the reason I even thought about Looming, lol! I love my Looms. The 12 peg sock one is my favorite! @nikkiroc


I’m sure I’ll get more if I can figure it out!!! I really want to try to make doggie sweaters!!! And toys!!! Lolol


Yay @nikkiroc did you take the loom I put in the box?! I was hoping it would make its was to you. You can make a 10 stitch blanket also with any loom as long as it has 10 pegs (I’ll post a video). If you dont connect all the pegs you get a flat piece. So if you wanted to practice you could do 30 pegs leave one empty to prompt you to stop and knit back and forth in each direction until you have a dish cloth. Or you can make scrubbies, that’s an easy beginner project. I’ll link that too.


Have you used the rectangular looms? Are they harder to use?


Yes, I have tons of different looms. They are not hard, there is a good one made by KB called the all in one. It is adjustable so it is very versatile. Some people if they are making a blanket will set it on a tall laundry basket and let the blanket grow into the basket and also to keep the yarn in.