I have the BEST hubby EVER! Rose 2018 Here I come!


Hubby just told me I can Go this year!!! I am so excited!! I have never been to Any doll show let alone the ROSE!! It’s gonna take some planning and I don’t know if I’m gonna fly or drive, but we will get it figured out!! I can’t wait to meet everyone!! I just found out today!! Oh and I got a picture of my hubby with my Amber Marie!


Does anyone know what classes are going to be taught this year? When I look I am still getting 2017 class dates. I am trying to choose between, advanced reborning, ethnic skin tones or if she will be teaching again, I would like to take Jacqueline Kramer’s rooting class! Still waiting on funds to buy the new paint colors that I will need to try her tutorial. OH! AND I will have to go back in 2019, because I want to take the hair painting class!!


I am so so happy for you !! I can feel your excitement .
I am planning to go in 2019 as well. This year we are going home to Europa to visit our family .


Classes are July 11th and 12th 2018




So happy for you! I’m still waiting on mine to give me the go ahead. It will be my first and I’m super excited with my fingers crossed.


Fingers crossed for you as well!! He’s probably just waiting for a special occasion to tell you! Tell him to PLEASE put you out of your misery before all the classes are gone!


Ty! Debbie!


How exciting, your hubby looks like a supportive sweetheart!


I love when our significant others hold the babies. My Husband is ok with it but will not hold a doll! LOL!


Mine won’t hold them either. Not scared of anything…except dolls. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My hubby IS a sweetheart!