I hope I find the clothes


I had some baby winter clothes in one of them bags you suck the air out of. I moved last December from 1 apartment to another. My husband moved everything cause I was working. I’ve looked all over n cannot find the bag of clothes. It was some really nice stuff in it too. I don’t think I threw it away. I sure hope I find it.


I hope you find it!


good luck i hope you find it… I have lost a pair of shoes I bought for Tibby.


Thank you. I hope so too. I even checked the storage unit.


Thank you. Sorry you lost the shoes. I’d rather loose 1 pair of shoes vs a whole bag of clothes.


Every time we moved something important always came up missing. So I feel your pain.




Ask St Anthony for help! Good luck.


Good luck I hope you find it!


I’m sure it will turn up. There were things that I couldn’t find for the longest time after we moved. They only showed up after I gave up looking for them.


I think I will. It’s funny you say that. Back in August my clients daughter came to visit n she said a St Anothy prayer to find something n she found it.


It works! I pray for St Anthony’s help all the time.