I need inspiration, painted hair


Can you guys show me your painted or prisma swirls…its always where I screw up. I can root them fine but painting is another matter.





These are the only ones I have on my phone currently


Thank you guys, this is a big help and @Kate I love them, I like how the swirl is not perfectly in the crown, Same with @DollyPardon and thats the way my hair rooting comes out. Maybe thats what I need to do…just go with the flow. @Vanniek yours is not dead centre either and I love the swirls you’ve made on the front and the sides.
I really like yours too @LisaLynn, I think that would work much better for thicker hair rather than leaving a spot.




These are awesome, thank you!



Im off to bed, its late here but Im going to have a major hair paint practice session this weekend and these pictures are going to be a big help. Please keep them coming :heart:


I love all these but really love the second, third and forth pics on this row.


Good night, have fun painting in your dreams.


Lisa, did you use a tutorial to learn to paint hair?


I am not really a “swirl” person…


If this question is for me, no I did not use a tutorial. I mean, I learned mapping for rooting from customdollbaby. Just like mapping for rooting needs to flow, there needs to be the same kind of flow for the prisma pencil. I generally start drawing at the front hairline and swirl and have those two meet up, then work around the sides to the back.


May I ask how many hours the hair takes, how many pencils you go through on one head and do you do tutorials? :heart_eyes:


Oh my,I need to send my babies to you for hair.That looks awesome !


Prisma on my Levi


I don’t know- just guessing maybe 5 hours? My one main color i’ve used on at least 4 babies and still have about half the pencil left. And wow I am flattered but no have not done tutorials. I haven’t even started selling my babies yet. :blush: