I need to cry on someone's shoulder


They have sent my mother in law to our local hospital to die in as much comfort as she can. She was receiving dialysis everyday in the Rehab center she was in, they decided that even with that and the feeding tube it was hopeless. She has gotten to the point that when they changed her feeding bottle she remembered it and willed herself to throw up. She refused to even open her eyes to acknowledge anyone’s presence most of the time. She was sent back Monday,then Tuesday a lady i grew up respecting died after her 6months battling cancer and today I got a prayer request a man I also grew up respecting is being sent back with comfort care to die. We have a funeral this Saturday with visitation tomorrow night. Who knows when the other 2 will be. Plus a friend of mine whose son had a 4 wheeler wreck today is on his way to Children’s Hospital. HE will need several reconstructive surgeries on his shoulder and some skin grafting. I have a very heavy heart tonight.


I am so sorry to hear of all of the burdens you are carrying right now… Hope it helps to know that I care…



Ty ladies and Pia it helps a lot to know I have friends


Your are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs!!


I’m sorry Deborah. ((hugs)) I know what you are going through and I know your heart must be heavy. The old saying goes when it rains it pours, and sometimes this is true. During these times we have to be strong for others even when it feels like we are about to crumble ourselves. My mom passed not too long ago. She was 51, she had me at 15, she was on dialysis, had a pacemaker and was diabetic. I had to make the decision to take her off of life support being the oldest. Her heart had stopped 3 times but the pace maker kept starting it. She had a DNR a long time ago but we didn’t find it until after she passed, even though medically the doctors said I made the right decision and she was brain dead, it still bothers me as to whether I did the right thing. It still bothers me. She was in pain for years bc she also had sickle cell, so many other problems. But just wanted to say I understand. I lost an uncle after her and a 7 month old cousin. It was hard, still is, but I had to be strong for my younger siblings and the rest of my family. My prayers are with you and your family…


I’m so sorry for all you are going thru. I will be praying for you!!


Michelle I am so sorry to hear of your losses, I am 51 now. It would be hard to make that decision. My husband and his sister had to do that for my mother in law this week. He and I talked about it and he knew it was for the best, the decision was pretty much made for them the by the Dr. I am so glad you found the DNR so you can have the peace knowing you did exactly what she wanted. My mother in law was healthy until she had her stroke gosh seems like forever ago with the intense problems but in reality just a few months ago. She did not have the DNR. It is so important to have that and let everyone know you have it and where to find it. She has given up her will to live tho. I just lost my train of thought and now my head is blank, Sorry I guess the stress is getting to me. Thank you for the prayers


I am so sorry for all you are going through!! Life is so hard sometimes!! We are here and like Pia says we do care!!


Sorry Debora. It is hard and at times your mind does go blank from stress. When my mom passed I learned how to crochet and I crocheted up a storm, mostly animal earflap hats with ties. I gave most away and then was burnt out but it helped get my mind off of things for a while. It kind of helped me heal.


I wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you. Sounds like Satan is just burdening you with a lot all at once. If your mother in law is like my parents were, she doesn’t want to live in that condition. I know that it is hard to let her go but she will be at peace then resting in the grave waiting for the second coming. To her, the next thing she will see is Jesus’ face. Since you work in the medical field, you know how rough hanging on can be. Letting go of those who we grew up knowing is hard. I saw a friend recently when I went down for my niece’s death that I hadn’t seen in about 10 years and was shocked at how much we both have changed. Life here on this earth is short.
I hope the boy who was injured recovers ok and am glad he wasn’t more seriously injured. Take care of yourself and of your husband and cling to God.


Sorry for all your heart ache you are in my prayers


You’re in my prayers (((HUGS)))


Thank you i just wanted to update you on everyone. My mother in law died this morning between 0230 and 0300.


— Begin quote from “Debora Jenkins”

Thank you i just wanted to update you on everyone. My mother in law died this morning between 0230 and 0300.

— End quote

Prayers for you and your husband as you go through a very difficult time. I am sorry for your loss…


Sending you and yours my heartfelt condolences. I will be keeping you all in my prayers.