Identical sequential AD dolls....discoloration


Hi ladies! As some of you may know I got a killer deal on two Ashton-Drake dolls I got at a thrift store. When I got them home, I took a look at the two boxes. One was perfect, looked brand new, and the other appeared to have some marks from storage and was yellowed slightly. I had given both dolls a once over at the store so I knew both were in good condition. Naturally, I selected the nicer box for myself, thinking I would sell the other doll down the road. Pics of the boxes below.

However today I decided to sell that second doll. I went to pull her from the box and much my surprise discover she is a totally different color than the doll I had selected for myself. And not in a oh my god, I’m never going to be able to her way, but more of a wait, wth, this doll looks better than mine. Please see side by side comparison below. The doll I picked is purplish and this other one is pinker and warmer looking. I’m so confused because according to the box they were manufactured one right after the other. Why do they look so different? Both were still wrapped in bubble wrap and netting when I got them so I don’t think either have been used or displayed. My big issue now is I really don’t want to sell either of them! Which is a problem because the money from selling one was going to go towards my dream reborn.


Can’t see too much of a difference on my PC but they are both cute! Keep the twins!


I don’t see a difference either. I have these dolls, one with open eyes one with closed. They were my Grandmother’s. My mom gave them to me when she passed away thinking maybe I could reborn them. Maybe one was stored at a different temperature or something to that effect?


Where did you get the Winnie the Pooh outfit from


I’ll be honest, it is really hard to tell in the pictures but when I pulled the second one out the difference was noticeable immediately. It just seemed weird to me that the one in the more loved box looks to be in better condition.

@Anne, I wish I could justify keeping them both but I don’t need both and I did promise my boyfriend when I got them at the thrift store that I would part with one. I decided to put “mine” back in her original clothing and I’m going to part with her and keep the nicer looking one. I’m a little sad about it, but it gets me closer to the baby I truly want. It also gets me closer to being able to reborn the Emily I am keeping because those 1/4 arms are driving me mad! :crazy_face:


I made it! I have another post with some of my handmade outfits for sale.


That’s odd. I do see a difference in the pics. The pinker one looks like the 10" version of the same doll I’ve got. She’s definitely not as blue/purple as yours and I bought her second hand, without the box.


I have 3 or 4 versions of Emily and 1 of her brother Alex,the skin coloring on all of them looks different to me.I would snap some pictures but I have all my Ashton Drake babies packed away.


That’s okay, thanks for chiming I’m! This thread was just to help me figure out if I really wanted to part with one and I have it posted on FB marketplace right now. :slight_smile: