Idts 2019


You’re a bear lover? Have you seen Dave’s (reborns. com owner) other site? Bearpile??? It is so neat. Those artists amaze me!


My Dear Reborn Artists, who else will be exhibiting in Orlando beside Esther and Angie?


Yes, I love teddy bears! Oh my goodness, they are animals for adoption! Thank you Jenni!


@Peachtree Elizabeth, you need to check this since everyone was in wow with your octopus


Wait…when did my octopus come up? I feel like I missed something…:crazy_face:


Well I missed it… where is it? I wanna see :slight_smile:


Oooh, I remember. It was when I shared my Ravelry notebook to show what dresses I had made. Here is his YouTube review.

My voice sounds weird…


In my opinion (and each are entitled to their own) by far ROSE is much better. If I’d never been to either I wouldn’t know the difference but having been to both…I’d much rather go to ROSE. Tons of fun :blush:


I’m with @Blissfulbabies. Again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I have been to ROSE and to IDTS. ROSE is much more fun. I did enjoy IDTS for a day trip and enjoyed seeing the dolls and artists, but it was not near as exciting as ROSE.


You made me feel for a minute like I am loosing my mind :crazy_face:, I am glad that we are on the same page now :rofl:


@Peachtree BTW your voice does not sound weird. As a matter of fact, I can listen to you for hours… So calm, so well spoken… And now I have even more appreciation for your great octopus. You are so patient!


I’m going to Rose as well :hugs: I’m going all out this year! Right now I’m trying to decide if I want to go to the baby shower at ITDS since I didn’t get tickets for it at Rose.
Does anyone have input on if the baby shower at ITDS is worth it?


They are doing lots of give aways at IDTS this year at both the banquet and the baby shower. There will be one silicone given away at each table at the baby shower. I have not been to ROSE but I do know IDTS is smaller but well presented and lots of fun. I also know that the ethics of those putting on IDTS are of the upmost best. Not everyone can go to ROSE so it is also a matter of distance for many. Others like to do both.


I’m going to Rose and so going all out as well! Exciting year!


I caved and got my tickets to the baby shower today! I didn’t want to wait and miss out. I’m so excited!
I can’t wait to meet all of you, we should meet up at some point!


@ellakabella Rachel, can you explain this to me please. Ticket to banquet is $95, but above that I see two choices: VIP and Banquet: 1) $27.50, 2) $122.50. What are those choices?


I will be easy to find as my table will be just as you coming in the door of the showroom. Please all of you come introduce yourselves to me! I may well miss you otherwise.


We should ll do what @jlesser does for ROSE, wear name tags that identifies us as BB forum members.


I live two hours from Orlando I would like to go but I do not know how is the event someone could explain me please​:hugs::thinking:


I’m about 2 hours away also…ty for the question…I’d love to know also :slight_smile: