If you could own ONE ptototype baby - which would it be?


Imagine you could have ANY prototype baby from the past or present, reborned by any artist you want. Which would you choose?

For me - it would be Jackys Realborn Lavender Asleep. She looks so real and beautiful and adorable,… :sob: :pray::sparkling_heart: I am not even sure if she is my favorite kit. But Jacky made her look so perfect that I wish she was mine.

I mean…look at her!!

Sooo … which one would you choose?


Jackys Scarlett Brown. I bid on her but didn’t win :sob:


Either Aloenka or Gabriella. They’re both amazing!


This one? :heart_eyes:

@deedee2413 Oh they are so beautiful!! :star_struck: (both!)


Candy, sculpted by Ping Lau, reborned by Alexa Calvo



Silvia’s twins


I would want this one - Teegan sculpted by Ping Lau and painted by Linda Hill. She is amazing! I can’t wait to see this beauty in Linda Hill’s booth at ROSE.



Alexa’s Noah Scherer

Angela Plicka’s Abigail Ross or Erin Stoete (but I dont think they were kit prototypes… just a proto artist)


7 mo June. I think she is just remind me my baby pictures


I’m not sure! There’s only one doll I’ve been tempted to buy recently and it wasn’t a prototype lol I’m not a collector though so I don’t usually pay attention to what versions I like or not.


Lainey by Alicia Toner- and reborn by Shirley Jones/ Sugar Plum Nursery. My tippy top fav of all prototypes:)

She looks just like my first born- so I preordered her kit back when she was released- and it just sits until I have the courage to paint it!


Wow, absolutely, looks like she made a portrait baby using your photos!




YES! I even offered to pay the prototype price for her to make a custom but she understandably doesn’t do customs. I have the kit but I’m waiting for just the right time to paint it, whatever that means. I don’t know :woman_shrugging: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That particular Gabriella would be my wish.


She totally looks like your baby pictures.


Its s tie! I love them both!!


Oops, forgot the pictures!! :rofl:.


Anything done by Alexa Calvo or Bianka Franke. They are my favorite artists.