If you could own ONE ptototype baby - which would it be?


I would want Vince by Silvia


I would choose the 7-Month June with the pigtails.


Pretty much anything from Angela Plicka, but my favorites are her
Elijah Pigott

and Maize Arcello


I love that Liam!


A total match!


Definitely Poppet


She so beautiful. Amazing difference just changing hair and eye color.


I absolutely adore her creations.


Omg, both are super realistic!! Love the expression on the boy, looks like “why you bothering me” expression! :joy: and the happy girl, wow!


Wow @YelenaRey! That’s a perfect match! :heart_eyes:




There are too many to choose from but I adore 7 month June!

Just like this!!



Willow Flower for sure!!!


https://www.dollsbysandie.com/images/products/large_11479_Lily5.jpg I have two but I’m waiting to be GOOD enough. I’m scared I’ll never be good enough for my dream kit. I love Levi also and there again I’m waiting to be good enough.


One isn’t enough.
I want this June

This Jenny
And most of all, this Camilo :heart_eyes:


Oh goodness… This is too precious for words!!! :star_struck:

June is the PERFECT match! You were such a sweet, beautiful girl - I can’t handle the cuteness!!! :heart_eyes: :revolving_hearts:

I absolutely adore your outfit in the second pic, and your doll reminds me that I had a similar one when I was little. Do you still have it? I have some dolls from my childhood, but sadly not that particular one. :frowning: The doggy is adorable too.

Thank you so much for sharing, it brighten my day!


Angelica Plicka is my fav prototype artist💕Love this baby


@Amethyst Haha, you made my day. No I don’t have a doll or a doggy, I think it was just used in photo studio and they were not mine. At that time in Ukraine (or former Soviet Union) we were so poor that my mom didn’t have money to buy me an outfit for my 1 year photoshoot. But she was a great seamstress (as well as great engineer) and she sew that school uniform outfit for me to take that picture.

Everyone in my family laughs now because my husband is black American, so I was predestined with that doll. :heart_eyes:


So many but I would love to get my hands on one of Claire Taylors silicones.


WOW!! :sparkling_heart: