If you could own ONE ptototype baby - which would it be?


Sunshine Marita Winters for sure <3 <3 <3



Oh my, yep that is definitely a dream baby!


@Reefbubbles she just melts my heart! All her babies are gorgeous but this one is so extra!


I need to go look at more of her babies!


Yes!!! romiesdollstudio.com


OMG. I want ALL those babies @Shara.


@Ruth I know!!! Me too… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Going to look now!


Thay are stunning! I love oversized knitted outfits on them also!


Gorgeous, love the eyes!


Milou Wosnjuk reborned by Beatrix Schroeder. I think he looks just like my son when he was newborn. My heart lurches every time I see this baby. I would probably pay the prototype price if I could convince whoever has him to sell him now.


I have two orphans that I just recently bought. The are not well known sculpts I guess but I love them because I love quirky and unique sculpts. I have Libby Marie by Lydia Yee and reborned by Blue Fairy Babies and I have Kenai by Ina Volprich reborned by Kerstin Foppe. I changed Kenai back to a girl as Kerstin originally planned. I was searching ebay when I was bored and found both for very low prices. s-l400 s-l400%20(2)


I have a special place in my heart for redheads so when I saw this sweet baby I wanted her! Absolutely precious. :heart: