If You've Made 3-Month Joseph


Is having a kit over a year a bad thing? In that case I have about 10 bads. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope not, 'cause I’ve got dozens! lol


To root—YES!! To paint—actually No! Did not take too long actually perhaps because I was so smitten with the sculpt


Love the sleeping version, too! :blue_heart:


I just finished mine. He took a bit longer than other ones, but not by a lot. Rooting him wasn’t bad either.


Don’t take longer. I used stick to hold the limbs, they are heavy ! I painted hair, I only root one on 3-4babies anyway.


What a beautiful girl!


Thank you! Her mama sends pics every day🙂


This is the prettiest one I’ve seen. Beautiful. How much mohair did it take?


Wow, amazing Josephs


She has painted hair :slightly_smiling_face:


I have thirty bads then!


Girl you need to. Give classes.


Let’s not count I’m embarrassed lol


I love this one…he already looked like my grandson and with the blonde hair he is spot on…how could I not love your version!