I'm so excited!🤗


I turn 16 in 4 days!! I am hoping to get my license next weekend. I’m so excited!!


Happy Birthday!!


Thank you!


Whoo hoo! Cherish these teen years. They will be gone before you know it! Happy Birthday! :birthday::balloon::confetti_ball::gift::tada:


Happy birthday! :smile:


I remember that. It is exciting. Have a Happy Birthday.




Happy birthday :balloon::birthday:. It is a very exciting journey, enjoy and drive safe!!


Thanks everyone!!


Happy Birthday…wow sweet 16!! Hope you are able to get your licence, its great to have that independence.


Aw great!! Hope you have a great birthday


my birthday is also soon
happy birthday! :slight_smile: wishing you the best of luck on your driving test


Happy Sweet Sixteen and Good Luck with the Drivers Licens. Drive carefully


Good luck!!


Be safe and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Happy Birthday!


Hope your birthday is fun and you get your driver’s license on the first try! That sixteenth birthday is really special! I’m old but I remember my 16th birthday still. I just knew my parents would get me a car, even though I hadn’t even told them I wanted one, didn’t have my license yet, and, looking back, I don’t think they could have afforded it. Anyway I woke up early and looked in the driveway and there was a silver Porche just sitting there waiting. I went out and sat in it and just couldn’t stop grinning I was so happy. After a few minutes I went back inside and waited for the rest of the family to wake up and tell me that my special surprise present was outside.
Nobody even mentioned it. I couldn’t stand the suspense, so I finally asked why there was a sports car in our drive?
Turns out it belonged to the guy who owned the service station down the street…he’d left his car at our house and had taken one of ours to the station for an oil change since my dad was at work that day and couldn’t do it.
I was so let down! I was too embarrassed to tell my parents I’d thought they had gotten me a car for my 16th birthday until years later!
Your birthday will be better than mine was I’m sure. Although mine was amazing for about 10 minutes! LOL


Thanks everyone!!! Everyone on this forum are so sweet


Awesome )


Yay! Happy birthday!