Introducing Oliver Huffelpuff 🦔


I also use a hair dryer to blow away hair and dust periodically, got that tip from Melissa George :slight_smile:


What a great idea!


I only let my maltese in my doll room. They don’t shed or stink so I have never had a problem. Now I want an Ollie!!!


I have one of those but here they just call them Bichon’s (there are several different types and mine is comparable to a maltese) and also my border collie doesn’t stink, she even smells better than my little fat white dog, but she definitely sheds :wink:
I wish I still had a room but I had to give it to my step daughter so she has a haven when she comes home on the weekends from university…shes had a rough time the past couple years. I and my dolls have taken over the living room until my husband builds a day room (enclosed porch) for me.