Is anyone else neurotic about people touching


Your dolls hair. I have taken Charlea (newborn in my siggy) out to get public opinion on her, and I swear everyone wants to touch her hair. As many of you know, it takes art and skill to style the babies hair in the first place. One woman put her hand right on the top of its head and made her hair poof. Hubby peeked at me for my reaction and I am just fighting off the urge to scream LoL.

Anyone else like this?


Yes- everyone at work wants me to bring one in so they can see and touch one- but I’m like not really wanting to bring such an expensive doll in - and I can’t leave her in the car- I don’t even like leaving doll kits in my car, much less an already reborned one. Even at a doll show, I felt like I needed a bouncer there to protect them - I’m not sure what I would do if they had their hands in the hair- for sure I would be like- clean hands only!


Well, when my real babies were teeny I wouldnt want people touching their heads because of germs, a pat wouldnt bother me but if they gave the doll a noogie I wouldnt like that lol


I don’t care for people touching the face or any part of the vinyl. Oils from hands drive me bananas.


Since I’m not allowed to take mine out in public, I haven’t had that problem. The kids are too embarrased by my babies! I want to take one to show the chiropractor’s assistant tomorrow. So maybe I’ll get by with it then. I don’t know if Caitlyn will mind too bad if it is just us. And I can leave her at my other daughter’s store while I’m shopping to stay out of the heat. Wonder what the reaction there would be if I left her in the window! It’s a used book store. Can’t leave her in back because that is where Jamie’s cats usually are and I’ve found out that cats like the smell of mohair. Or at least mine do. You think people mess it up…wait, till your cat rubs on it and then starts drooling!


I love taking my babies out and seeing people’s reactions. But I agree the touching can be over the top at times. I don’t mind letting someone hold the baby or softly stroke the hair to feel it, with one finger… but it is really suprising what some people will do… I have had them poke the face, mess up the hair, and try undressing it. I know it can be shocking to discover its not real. I gave one to my Dad to hold when I first started making dolls, and he held it, smiling and cooing at the sleeping baby… until I couldn’t contain my laughter and had to let him know that it was a baby DOLL.


I don’t mind as long as they don’t violently grab the hair Actually, all the people holding my reborns were very gentle with them, as they are real babies. I love when they do that