Is my sculpt ready for Smoothing?


There is a lady on facebook that sculpts fine details in the mouth before adding the nose, sculpts fine details with the nose before adding eyes, etc… I told her it amazed me cause it is backwards to what I always see. But it works for her and she does an amazing job.


Wow that is pretty amazing! I cant imagine! She must have a lot of experience. Whats her name…I’d love to see her work!



Yes that helps a lot!!! Thank you so much. @avyona Going to look at Lil Poppets. @jlesser


Wow!! It’s looking great! I can see a big difference now from the earlier photo. :heart_eyes:


Me too!


I’m trying to start a class for those of us trying to learn, like the loom thread. Are you interested?


Heck yes!!


Ok will post next week! I need to finish stuff up here. I’m painting again!:heart_eyes:


Wow this looks amazing!!


Thank you so much. This month is work hell for me and I was going to take december off but im not sure if I will get to which means I might not get to work on this sculpt again until january! :sob:


This is what I want to learn also
Thanks for all the info. Very helpful. You are doing a awesome job! God given talent I think.


Thank you for believing in me!


II know you did this months ago
For a first time you did a really good job but i assume you want help?
To me something is wrong with the top of the head too small Just looking.and looking at my kit heads see how the back of the heads are higher then the front? and the faces are as wide as the forehead ? Maybe think about those things and work on that Widen the forehead raise the head in back The face is done well .Yes as someone said maybe the eyes slightly too wide Google face proportions but could be the narrow forehead Once thats corrected it may be proportioned well. They should be in some proportion to the nose and mouth if i remember correctly but you are very close to exact .
Hope you dont take offense at the just trying to make suggestions to make it an even better head

.Good luck!!


This is GREAT feedback!! Thank you so much! I think I definately see your points and agree :slight_smile: I may have to shave some off the face though as my head is already 14". However if I go up and build on top, it shouldnt impact the circumference very much at all :slight_smile:


This is what happens when I try to sculpt. My head grows bigger and bigger, yet somehow I end up losing the top of it. Lol Shaving the face never occurred to me. You are smart!:blush: