ISO Baby Boy Hand-Me-Downs for a Teen Mom


Hi Friends!

I’m not sure where to start with this post, because I could write enough to fill a novel. The short version is the a 16yo girl that I am very close to is unemployed, pregnant, and without family supportand I’m reaching out to see if anyone would be interested in helping me help her.

This sweet girl (I call her my 4th child) came into our lives when she was 13. She rode the bus with my daughter in middle school, spending afternnons and evenings at our house. When she started sleeping over, I felt like I should introduce myself to her mom so that Mom knew where she was, and that she was safe. 4th Child was very much against this idea, but I’m persistent. I went with the girls to her home around noon on a Saturday. Mom was in bed, and when 4th Child woke her up, she yelled and cursed, and sounded obviously intoxicated. She screamed at 4th Child to “Get the h*** out and leave her alone.” The house was a mess and there were 4 other children ranging in age from 8 to 14 in the house. They all became regulars at my house for dinner, and whenever Mom and her boyfriend of the week’s fights became violent.

After about a year, mom moved to avoid an impending CPS case, and the kids were scattered between relatives. My 4th Child ended up with an aunt in a city about 2 1/2 hours away. Despite being a consistent straight-A student, the last grade that she completed was 7th because in exchange for room and board, she was expected to care for the aunt’s children while the aunt worked during the day and partied at night.

After about a year away, she asked if she could come visit. So we picked her up and brought her back home. After 3 months, I convinced her mom to come with me to the school board so that she could enroll in school here, but our arrangement only lasted a few more months because, while she was very sweet and polite at home, she wasn’t used to having rules and started sneaking out and getting into trouble. She the went to a grandmother in another state, then another aunt, and then we got her back (almost a year later) but the sneaking out continued. She was barely 16 when she left us for good, but has always stayed in touch.

While away, she asked me for basic guidance about school and how to get a job. She figured it all out on her own and got her GED, her ID card, a job, and was about to enroll in college when she met a guy and got pregnant.

They are currently living a little over an hour away with his mom. He recently lost his job, and she is very visibly pregnant and having a hard time finding work. She is a very proud girl, and it has taken a lotof convincing to get her to let me buy her a few sets of maternity clothes to wear to her Dr.'s appointments, but she’s slowly accepting my help. She’s is extremely worried that she won’t have the things that she needs when the baby gets here though.

I had the idea to post here when looking through my reborn clothing. I’m not asking anyone to buy anything, but if you happen to have any baby boy items that you aren’t going to use, I would love to pass them along to this sweet girl who has faced so many challenges. Please PM me if you’d like to help.


I may have some stuff. I will look through when I get home from school and let you know :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Is there anything in particular or just anything?


Right now she has one pack of newborn onesies and that’s it. So anything would be appreciated.


I will gather up some stuff later then :slight_smile: I’ve got lots


I will see what I have too, @ashleyfox98. I will shoot you a PM, just wanted to respond here too so it doesn’t look like you are getting ignored. :grin:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hey, @ashleyfox98, when is she due? No point in sending newborn size winter clothes if she’s due in the summer.


I ll look too - quick question about fla winter ? Just curious about what type clothing is needed ? I know you wouldn’t need thick sweater type things -what month can baby wear onesies until ? - we have bipolar weather here in MS -so I have no clue lol - and do u know what month baby due ?


I was a teen mother with zero family support (my mother physically attacked me when I refused an abortion, I was homeless at 16 and pregnant at 17) I crochet and sew and would happily make her a few things with my craft stash. I live in the UK but I’m happy to post. I will go for 0-3 so they last a bit longer. When is she due please? I will ensure to post in time if you pm me your address.


She is 20 weeks now, so baby is due in February.

We are in south Florida, so it’s rarely cold enough for really heavy things.


Thank you! She is due in February. (I was in a similar situation 21 years ago with my first pregnancy, I think that’s why I want to help her so badly. I don’t know how I’d have gotten by without so much help from our community and friends.)


I would say onesies, body suits, lighter-weight footed sleepers. It rarely gets cold enough to need really heavy clothing here. Even if it’s “cold” (cold for us is around 50-60, baby is usually fine in a blanket.


Plenty of time to get bits made. I will do a cot quilt as well. I actually have a spare Moses basket but that might be too expensive to post but I will check.


You are just so sweet Ashley. She is lucky to have soneone like you who cares about her. I would like to send something to help out . All babies are precious and deserve to be taken care of and have the things they need!


Thank you!


Poor child has had a rough life. Hopefully she can provide a better life for her baby. I’ll see what I can provide as well.


Thank you! I have a lot of confidence in her, just based on the fact that she messages me constantly with baby and pregnancy questions. I love that she cares and is trying so hard to do everything right. <3


Have you checked with your local firehouse re car seats? Our local collects & gives away to new moms to be. She’ll need 1 to leave hospital with baby. Awful expensive to ship. Wish I could afford to help with furniture but again to expensive to ship. I’m assuming you will also accept cash?