ISO Mattia, Wee Patience, and Casper (Interested in customs)


Looking for a complete or custom girl Mattia- Legler, and a complete or custom Wee Patience- LLE. (Will consider blanks as well) As far as Casper-Gotzen I am looking for either a completed boy, or a blank kit(I know it’s a long shot). Thanks in advance!


I have a completed Wee Patience that I just never bothered listing. If you would like to see her, I can snap pics in a bit and send them to you.


I’d love to see him/her! :slight_smile:


I do customs
send me a pm if you’re interested


Do you have the kits in stock? Both are SOLE. :slight_smile:


I don’t but I might be able to find them I’ll let you know


Here comes Wee Patience spam. I’ll post here just in case someone else is interested (if you aren’t). I finished her last year, she’s been sitting in a box ever since. Entertaining all reasonable offers that can include trades (if you have A plus credit on this site). This kit was around $70 or so and was more work than the big ones. Probably will never paint one again. :grin: SOLD** thank you.


She’s gorgeous! I’m definitely interested! :slight_smile:


How big is she?


Tiny. Like 8 inches @nikkiroc




Awwww!!! I love her!!!


UPDATE- Just looking for that super hard to find Casper now- wish me luck! It’s my Moms dream baby!


Make a new post asking just about Casper :grinning: