I've got kits!


Yay I got a Thomas Asleep, Aurora Skye, and a Sophie kit!!! Exciting! Can’t wait to get started. :grinning:


Isn’t it exciting!?

This week I got Saskia, David Kewy, Jennie awake, Leif, Megan and Rosebud


@Mommarobin Yes! Plus I pre-ordered Yael and I’ve got an Abigail coming! :grinning:


i have abigail also…shes gonna be portrait doll of my daughter


@Simone Is that all of the kits you have or do you have more hiding?


@Anne LOL! Those are the 3 I got today! I’ve already started on Sophie - OMG she’s cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m jealous of your Aurora Sky. Where did you find her?


Here. Amanda’sBabies offered it for sale.


That’s very exciting!! I can’t wait to see your WIP.