Jack! Updated pics!


Here are some better pics, many were taken outside.
Please let me know what ya think!
http://i1079.photobucket.com/albums/w51 … esca/Jack/


Link just takes me to a single picture. Anyway, the little guys are hard!! i was told to do the pic of the babies head in my hand like you did. Ihad to have my 8 year old snap the picture because despite trying to be a contortionist, it just wasn’t working for me LOL! Did you use a flash for these? It looks like it. I was told the closer you can get the better. I know that is hard with alot of cameras. Some are out of focus too. again… depending on the camera, that is hard too. I personally like the pictures of the tiny ones curled up in a fetal position. they look so cute I don’t know if any of that helped, but i thought i’d give it a go LOL!


No flash. But pics do not show his detail at all.


What I see seems to have to do with lighting. Do you have a place to take photos outside? I take tons of pictures. I take from all angles and all around the doll. Then I reposition and snap away again. Wrapped in a blanket would work, too, or different colored blankets. You will be surprised how different he will look with different colors behind him. Perhaps some props such as a bottle or stuffed animal, too. I like the photo of his legs with the sun shining on them. I can see more of your detailing in that one. As for a photo of his hair, the one that you have from the top would work, just needs to be clear. Don’t be afraid to lay him on his side, or curl him up, lay him on his belly. I think the more you can show his arms and legs, the more inviting he will be. Your outfit is cute, but I think when we can see more “flesh” it helps a reborn look more realistic. Did you, by chance, try Carters preemie clothing? Caleb is tiny and some of those fit him. They are a little big, but they worked. I know for my Anna I found some Carter preemie. Play around some more and show us what you come up with.


Maybe you could find another crafter on here who might knit, crochet, or sew something. Doll patterns come in lots of different sizes but the homemade stuff might be of higher quality than the doll clothes available in the store. I know there are web sites that have free preemie patterns, too.


I saw some “doll” clothes at Cracker Barrell that would fit preemies perfectly. They were those me and my matching dolly outfits… The were very detailed and well made, I was very tempted to buy some. “Dollie & Me” is another brandbrand. And Kohl’s Jumping Bean’s has them too.
Also, American Girl clothes will fit well on preemies…

If you hold your camera further away so it can focus and then “crop” the picture to show detail. Like this:


Awesome feedback ladies! Thank you ver much!
How does he look overall?


So Precious!!!


I found my Jacob doll clothes because he is so small, I love your little Jack, he is so adorable.


Thank you! I sure appreciate the encourment. I’m going to work on better pics in my light box today.


Much better. You have a nice variety. I especially like the one of him on his tummy. It shows how nice his hair is. You also have some nice close ups. I think that a close up is very important–face, hands and feet. You want people to see your details.


He looks so cute. What sculpt is he? I think the outside photos turned out too blue to really see the details even if they were cute. I know firsthand how frustrating lighting can be. I’m used to photographing flowers where it is a lot easier to get the details. On the baby photos, little things like veins just don’t seem to show up.

I have the caleb kit but am not sure I’m going to keep one because of the difficulty of finding clothes… Going to seal one today and finish painting the other one.


I’m working on Caleb too but following the C.O.R.A tuts.
Also here are some pics of him as a her…
Anyone know what kind of reserve or starting price I should put on him?