Johanna’s Official Shoot



So beautiful! Not a collector but I think I need one of your babies lol


Oh know, we are making each other want to collect :joy:. I wanted your last one!


Which one?
There’s another baby that’s super tempting to me but I can’t get her. I’m not a collector! I have to keep reminding myself that :rofl:




Yes, her! I miss her kinda lol I haven’t heard anything from her new family so I assume they’re happy with her. I kinda want to paint her again because she photographed so easily! Most babies are a challenge


She is gorgeous! What kind of hair does she have? I love it!


She is so beautiful and your photos are really top notch. Goals for me. :blush:


That hair!! :heart_eyes: She is so beautiful! Great job!


I had a head start. I photographed newborns for years before I started reborning :blush::wink:. Thank you @YelenaRey
@Evee I am using adult fine mohair I bought from Angelic Lullabies Kathy King. She is on Facebook. I have bought her straight warm blonde and both were amazing to work with. Hoping to order more tonight if she has what I need.


One of the best photo shoots I’ve ever seen, WOW! :heart_eyes:


Love it so much :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


She turned out so beautiful :slight_smile:


She’s so beautiful! :heart:


I’m back for round 2. Looking at your beautiful pictures again. I really love her hair.


Aww! What a dream job!


Love your photoshoot! And your baby! So pretty :heart:


Awe you are so sweet :grin:!


Beautiful baby and beautiful photos💕


Oh, be still my heart :heart_eyes: