Joseph (Newborn) arm rings


I need to know the size of Newborn Joseph’s arm rings please. There is no information about that on BB. :confused: Does anyone know.

Also - are the neck, arms and leg rings a “must have”?

Thank you!!


They are not a must have.

I personally always use a neck ring. Unless it is a non-BB kit and one simply does not fit.

I rarely use them on the legs but occasionally when I dont want to worry about tightening the cable tie too far. And have never used them on the arms… (well maybe for my full torso kit cause the cloth body went inside the vinyl torso and hard to assemble… but cant remember)


I don’t use the rings. I coat the flange with Super Glue(brush version) and let it dry before attaching the zip tie.


Oh I should have mentioned that too…

I coat mine with aleene’s paper glaze


Coating them with clear top coat polish works great too !


How do you clean the paper glaze off of brushes? Paint thinner doesn’t work for me.


I don’t use a brush.
I put a little squirt onto a plastic lid then use a toothpick to apply the glaze where I need on the kit. Let that dry then I squirt a little in the flange area and spread it with a qtip


I use clear nail top coat polish :slight_smile: I use the paper glaze on lips ect. How would I apply to tiny places without a brush?


Thank you so much to all of you! I was a little confused about the rings, I appreciate your help and advice! :sparkling_heart:


I use a toothpick…


@Vanniek I apply paperglaze tp the flange channels with a paint brush - squirt a little on and brush around. My brushes always wash up clean.


I use a brush with paper glaze and I clean it right away with soap and water. I don’t use that brush to paint with only glosses and paper glaze.