June 7 month body

Ok I have the #300 which I still feel is too small without the torso. I have #8828 on the way so hopefully it will be what I am looking for.

Ok the new body #8828 arrived. It is ever so slightly fuller. If you stuff it well you can get a little bigger look. I do have it stuffed a little tighter than the #300 here. I think it may be fine if you are wanting her to have the same age look as the real baby or you could go up a size for a more toddler looking baby. These are cell pics so baby looks a bit orange here and she is not matted yet either. In the body photo #8828 is on your L looking at the screen and has cable ties while #300 is on R and has string ties.


Oh thank you for posting this! I wanted to wait and see how you felt about the newer body you just got before ordering. I actually like the newer body you put her on I will be ordering that one. I don’t care too much for torso’s so I needed to find a chubby body or semi chubby one.

I like the bigger one. I have my big June in Kenzie’s body and I’m loving it so far. I have to pose her and take her pictures yet.


Which is Kenzie’s body?