Time for June to start getting her details. I am thoroughly enjoying painting her


I love her mottling! Nice work!!


Soooooo CUTE! :heart:


Aww I love June!!


Thank you for noticing I only just mastered mottling ( I use the word mastered loosely lol)


Well it looks awesome - I’ve saved it to my gallery of inspiring photos :wink:


She’s so sweet!


Awe shucks thank you, I still have a lot to do on her yet!


She is looking good! Nice work :heart:


Send wip pics I love her!!


I sure can, I did the first blushing layer last night then baked her this morning. So going to start creases tonight. I am really bonding with her big time. I call her my little Victorian baby. She just has the prettiest feminineness about her I love


Looking sweet :blush:


Here she is after creases but still all her details to do.


Beautiful baby! Great job! :heart:


Thank you, I just love her little hand here


Love it! I love her hands because she still holds them like that and they are so chubby!


I bet its exciting to see all these versions of all the babies you love :heart:️- great job @Reefbubbles !!


Well hello momma, I didn’t know your were June’s mommy lol! I am loving her, was thinking I would pose her in a dress today, if I do I will snap some pics and post them later. She is such a cutie pie. Thank you for sharing her with us


What a cutie!


She is still a wip but I really wanted to see her in a dress😍. She isn’t even put together yet lol. She is going to be my model for selling my new hand painted rattles. She is soooo adorable.