Just for fun!


@hyelah1990 and I had a little fun painting the same kits. We got together when they we finished them to compare our “twins”. We decided next time we might paint one kit together and combine our styles . Maybe with the best parts of both we can make a special baby! Anyway, it was a fun project that we both enjoyed!


Definitely lots of fun!! Can’t wait to get started on the next!! :blush:


They’re adorable. I wish I had a reborning buddy.


My goodness they look so precious swaddled together like that!!


We started this reborn adventure together. Both of us are still trying to figure it all out so we chat about it all the time. It has become sort of an obsession. It makes it even more special that Haley is not only my reborning buddy but also my daughter. :heart:


“Sort of” my butt!! Lol But don’t think it can get any better than a reborn buddy/Mom :blush: definitely is something special :hugs:


They are beautiful! How fun !! And special :heart:


I just got our next project all figured out! :wink:


That made me smile so much. Thank you very much, I needed to smile.


What sculpt is that? How fun! You both did great!!!


Thank you. It is Maisie!


They are so adorable. You guys are so lucky to paint together.


Great job and how lucky to have a reborning buddy. Extra special that it’s Mother/Daughter.




They are so cute, you guys are lucky to be close to each other and to share this, Im so jealous. My two older daughters, unfortunately, live very far away from me and wouldn’t me interested in reboring anyway but I plan on letting my younger daughter, who is still at home, try reborning one of my older kits, Who knows, maybe she will enjoy it and want to paint with me :slight_smile:


It is pretty neat. She only lives about 30 minutes away so we get together often. I have 2 other daughters who just roll their eyes at us and think we are crazy because we are talking about it all the time. :smile:


My little granddaughter, who loves the babies and is the reason we got interested in them, got her very on kit to paint for her birthday. She is only 6 though so it is just for fun.


You never know. With just a little advice she might be pretty good at it.


My daughter is very artistic, she draws and is constantly doing DIY things she finds on the internet and I just got her a loom set so she is making hats for my babies. She is 13 and was born with classic autism. She has come a long way and even though she was not really saying words until she was between 3 and 4 after intense therapy, she now speaks both French and English and can also read in both languages. She still has communication problems but nothing too major. We were lucky she was diagnosed where we lived in the US and we are fortunate to have been able to move here when she turned 5 because we got great early intervention in the US and we have had long term therapy for both of my kids here, my son has Aspergers. I think she will do well with painting a baby, Ill just have to make sure she doesn’t get too stressed, she’s a perfectionist like Mommy, and help her out along the way. After Christmas Ill get her started :slight_smile:


Sounds like loads of fun! They are both adorable and the pics are great!:heart: