Just Sold Anming on ETSY- I Love Etsy!


Whoohoo! I just paid for Victoria Michaels and some other goodies!


Congratulations on the sale… but does it make you wonder if bidding on eBay might have been more profitable…??


Congrats on your sale!


CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SALE!!! I really wanted that baby you bought!! To late I missed her, Please post pics when you get her and tell us all about her!! I am so happy for you


He was on Ebay and had watchers, but no bids- helps to say layaway available.


that is wonderful news! In this economy I think any sale is a good sale as long as you are happy with your profit and can continue to do more babies. I am thinking that Etsy is the way to go now.


That is one cute baby. Love the hair. Was etsy a quick sale. I find it takes at least 3 weeks and I get frustrated waiting.


I got lucky with a “repeat” customer that bought my Baby Bon- I set her up with lots of extras, clothing, booties, etc. I hope she comes back again!! But yes sales are slow everywhere now- can’t wait for Fall and closer to holidays. But it is sure nice not to pay Ebay all those fees.


Congratts on your sale!!