Anyone heard from Kali @Ledbetterlittles lately? Or does anyone have another way to contact her? She hasn’t been on here in several days. And that usually means she’s very ill. She has progressively been on my mind, feeling stronger and stronger the need to pray for her. I think we all need to pray for her and her family. May her body heal, her spirits be strong, and her insurance kick back in. :heart:️️


I haven’t heard from her but I will keep her in my prayers.


I have been feeling the same way Katina -and praying daily for her :heart:️-


Last time I heard from her was 4 days ago
She had sent me a package


That’s about the last time I heard from her too. Hopefully she’s just getting some much needed rest.


Praying for health


she liked my message to her from a few days ago about some kits i bought from her a little while ago today


She’s back. I talked to her today. :slight_smile:


Yes I was so happy to finally know she is back home and resting!