Kits for Sale - Some BB, Priced to Sell!


The list has been updated and everything shown is available. :slight_smile:

London by Jen Printy $60

Juan 2nd w/body $35
Paige w/rings, plugs, and blue eyes $30
Cutie $15
Brittany sleeping 2nd $20
Kenzie 2nd with outfit and accessories $50
Kyle $30
Kaelin & Kadence preemie twins w/one body $60

Shipping for 1st kit is $12, each additional kit, add $2 per kit. Buy 5 or more and shipping is free. I ship on Tuesdays.

Outfit/accessory set for Kenzie:

I attempted to underprice what they are all selling for online, please let me know if any prices seem too high.


I was looking for a 15-16" kit…would any of these fit the bill


I’d love Estelle if she’s still available.


She is all yours. Please PM me your Paypal address.


I believe Kaelin and Kadence are 16"


Yes, you are correct. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I was wrong, Kadence and Kaelin are 16".


Hmmm not my favorite sculpts, I will wait. Thank you so much though!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


What’s going on @ashleyfox98? We miss you. How’s that little grand baby doing?


He is growing like a weed! I miss you guys too!! :heart:


Miss you how are you doing?


Doing good. Getting better. I miscarried the surrogate baby about a month ago, which has been rough, but my hormones are finally getting back in order, so I’m feeling better at least. :slight_smile:


Ohh. I’m so sorry. :confused:


Glad your better you have to take care of you for your family


Absolutely. We are going to try again, one last time and then I’ll be retiring as a surrogate and looking for other ways to help without actually carrying the baby. :heart:


I’m so sorry, but happy that you are ok and trying one last time, best wishes!


I’ll take Ashley awake if still available my paypal


Thank you! Just sent invoice. :slight_smile: