Kits for Sale - Some BB, Priced to Sell!


Paid thank you


How much more would be for Male belly plate


Just an extra $15. Would you like that too?




Great, thanks! :slight_smile:


Is it the realborn belly plate




Ok great


Omg no!! I’m so sorry to hear this. :frowning:


Hi there I’ll take the $55.00 kenzie with the white floral set.


And kyrie


I haven’t got Ashley and the Male plate yet it’s been 8 days do you have tracking number so I can see where the package is I’m worried about it


I’m sorry for the delay. My day off got switched from Tuesday to Friday. Two packages were shipped this morning and the rest will go out tomorrow morning. I will email all tracking numbers tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Was just worried it could have got lost.


Is Brittney still available?


Yes Ma’am! :slight_smile:


All orders have been shipped with tracking numbers sent through PayPal except for one order that I’m awaiting an address for. :slight_smile:


Would you be willing to pm me what you have left


Oops just saw it is updated so going to go back and look now :joy:


I would love Brittney and cutie😍