Landon, what a CHUNK!


He was a lot of fun to paint! :blue_heart: He’s such a chunky armful ~


Beautiful!! Did you root or paint his hair? I can’t tell…


He is so cute!


Thank you! :blush: I painted his hair.

Thank you, Jenni! :blush:


So sweet!!


Thank you, Debbie :slight_smile:


Looks so cute and cuddly. :blush:


He is very cuddly; he just sort of snuggles right up in your arms when you hold him :heart:


Kind of like Charles? I’m working on Landon now. Might be hard to list him. :grin:


Yessss…just like Charles! :heart:


Oh Karen!! He’s perfection! I just love him! I’m sure he’ll be a fast seller :sparkling_heart: :star2:


He’s perfect! Love those chunky thighs!


He is adorable! I love his skin tones. I am so looking forward to painting mine.


Thanks so much, everyone ~ I love this little chub! :blue_heart:


@kareninflorida, I know you’ve probably answered this question a thousand times but do you paint or prisma or both? Do you sponge color or does it just kind of bleed out of the pencil when you varnish (if you use pencil). What do you varnish with? I just finished a baby (penciled hair) and when I varnished it (GHSV) the color kind of bled, not too bad but a little, so I just wondered if you put color on the head on purpose or whar??!! BTW, he’s perfect, gorgeous painting!!

Oh, another thing, my hair looks a little bit chalky and I baked it a bunch of times, but then my whole doll looks a bit chalky. What gives???


He’s so cute!! I love his hair and coloring!!


He is amazing! My Landon was just born about 35 minutes ago and I’m about to share some pics too.


Thank you, Lynn, I’m so glad you like him! :blush:

Usually, I do prisma pencil first, then go over with paint. BUT…sometimes I just do prisma. OR just paint. It’s whatever mood strikes me, and I am dead serious, Lynn. I don’t do any sponging with the prisma or paint. I map out where I want the hair lines to be with prisma, then start filling in shorter strokes.

I keep the pencils very sharp and sharpen them after just a few strokes. It’s just prisma and BB’s thinning medium. That’s what gives the effect of softer hair and not such harsh lines. I draw the lines, then go over them with a skinny brush dipped in thinner. Once I have all the pencil work done, then I start with paint, and that’s easy because I’m going over lines I’ve already drawn. Bake. Cool. And then brush on the matte/satin sealer in the direction of the hair. Bake. Cool. Repeat 3x.

If your hair is a little chalky, try some BB thinning medium over it (not thinner) and bake again. Always works for me. :wink:


He is lovely.


He is positively breathtaking.