Landon, what a CHUNK!


Thank you all, soooo much! :blush:


So beautiful! Your panting always looks so flawless! I love!


OH, I love him…I can’t wait for mine to get here, I don’t know if lll be able to let him go after Im done with him. You did such a good job, he is so cute!!


He looks so much like my husbands baby pictures but my husbands hair is very dark. I want someone to share their black haired Landon. It’s so funny I’m looking at my husband and then this baby I see his face there lol


Thanks again for all your kind comments, everyone! Landon has been adopted :blue_heart:


No wonder, he’s adorable!! Told ya he wouldn’t last long!


Thank you Karen for the information-----when you “paint” the varnish mix on with the brush, do you JUST brush it on, no pouncing?? Maybe that’s what I did wrong, I pounced the varnish.


No pouncing on the hair, just brushing. And if one brush gets full of varnish, I switch to another one till I get the look I want; makes for a bit of texture. I’m pretty sure there’s a better/easier way to do well, everything, but I don’t know what it is :slight_smile:


I knew this little chunk was going to be snatched up in no time at all. Congratulations on your sale. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :blue_heart:


I love him. Wish I could do hair like that. I haven’t been able to do it. Do you use paint or pencil


Thank you! :blue_heart:

I usually do both pencils and paint…and sometimes only one or the other as the mood strikes me. Usually, both, though :blush:


Thanks Karen, guess that’s what I did wrong, I’ll know better next time, now.


hes beautiful Karen great job he is precious


Karen, he is precious.


Thanks sooooo much, everyone! He’s headed home today! :blue_heart:


Beautiful baby, Congratulations on the sale!!!




Thank you! :blush:


@kareninflorida What body did you use for Landon?

BTW Special Gift is on sale! I knew you’d want to know LOL :rofl: