Latest drink and wet...Xue


Just listed my latest. He is from Sofie with Miranda legs and Ashley arms. Totally new method.

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I guess I don’t understand… how do you keep the cloth body (and everything contained therein) from getting wet and developing mold?


The baby wets through plastic tubing that runs from the mouth to the crotch. I use a vinyl torso and no water gets inside the cloth inner body…which is also waterproofed with spray used in camping gear. I used to use belly plates, but the torsos work much better and look better. It took a lot of experimenting to get to this final process that works really well. I’ve also learned that the mouth tubing must be secured inside with a very powerful glue so that it doesn’t work loose.pee


Wow!!! That’s cool!!!


Every baby gets better! You are the drink and wet Queen!


I have to try this soon!:hugs:


Lmao that’s funny!!!


That’s so awesome!!!