Layette swap discussion


I kinda highjacked another post with the idea of doing a box swap. There seems to be interest, so I decided to start a post for us to discuss it. I’m willing to host. But I have no idea what I’m doing. Hopefully someone who has done a swap before can weigh in with what works and what doesn’t work. What I was thinking is a layette swap for a complete outfit set up. Outfit, blanket, binky, bow, shoes, lovey, etc…whatever you would include as an entire coordinating outfit for a baby. It should all fit in a medium size priority mail box making it affordable for almost everyone. You would be paired up with someone to switch with. Basically…a baby shower box trade. If anyone has better ideas please share. Also, we need a good set of rules and a good questionairre. Let the ideas begin :blush:


I don’t have any experience in this but it does sound like fun. What if we did it sort of like secret santa? Everybody fill out a list with what they like and then pair people up to swap.


Youre a mind reader!!! I have been brainstorming this exact idea!!


That’s exactly what I was thinking. Not “Buy me this…” but more like “I really like purple and pink, I like floral patterns, but I don’t like characters.” Just enough information for the person putting the box together to have some guidance.


Yep, size, gender, style etc


Also, I suggest sticking with new items only and vintage in new condition, as people have varying ideas about what “gently used condition” means.


I’m full of ideas, I just don’t want to be in charge of anything else right now!


What about handmade? That might be fun to include.


I love handmade. :slight_smile:


This is a great idea. It will be so much fun.


I’m excited too! :slight_smile:


Maybe setting a price range would help also.


I also suggest only allowing people who have good feedback and have had successful transactions with group members already.


I think a minimum price is good, but I don’t want a max limit. I like to shop…


Price range should be set up. And personally, I would like a no Walmart clothes rule. I can get Walmart clothes on my own any time. I want something different. :grimacing:


You know what wouldbe a fun option? If the people who wanted to made a layette box-opening video, optional, of course, but it would be fun to see the reaction from whoever gets your box.


Or at least post pictures on here of what you receive. I like seeing what everyone gets.


Yes! That’s what makes the traveling box so fun. I can’t wait to see what everyone picks from those boxes every time.


I agree, although I was in Target today and some of their Cat & Jack stuff was really tempting.


Target does have some sweet things!