Layette swap discussion


I am sooo not good at this sort of thing … do we want a questionnaire about what you like
What style would you like to find in your box?
( then questions to flesh that out)
Don’t want to have in your box, size colors etc.

Then another one maybe asking what style we have to offer, then flesh that out with questions…size, colors etc?


Lille would you want an outfit for a boy or girl. What color would you perfer what is your style what size would you want.


Maybe we can do something like that! For Fall Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Size, Favorite colors, Likes/Dislikes for style, Favorite brands, Modern clothing or Classic. I think this should be more like a general guide and not a demand list, with the exception of the dislike category. If someone says “I don’t like red dresses,” they should definitely not get a red dress.

We also need to nail down what’s expected, like what pieces are necessary, maybe outfit, hat or headband, diaper, paci, bottle, socks, blanket and then anything else added is welcome but would be a “bonus”


I concur :heart_eyes:… I personally follow the rule no dark colors on my baby when I adopt them out so for me that would be a necessity, I love to crochet baby items, but I always want real store bought clothes for babies when I dress them lol…I know sad but true. It has to be some spectacular vintage style crocheted set for me to want them for my dolls. I think all of us have a short list of difintive likes and dislikes that could be easily discerned through a questionnaire that could match one up with another nicely. but I agree a general guideline not an exacting list would be much more fun. It is always more fun to give than it is to receive anyway, we will probably be more interested in the other person just LOVING what they received from us.


Yes, that’s it exactly. The questionnaire would be a guide so that we can plan something that the recipient will love, not a list of rules to make sure that we get what we want. :slight_smile: I personally love surprises and would love to see what someone else will come up with.


How does this work when assigning people? Part of the fun is using your own creativity to build the box. If the receiver only wants specific items, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Do I match vintage people with someone who wants vintage clothing? If so…why not buy their own clothes? If not…it takes the fun out of it for someone with a modern style to have to abandon their own taste to build a box of a different style. I personally like all styles but don’t have easy access to many styles. Matching sounds tricky. Perhaps the questionnaire also needs to include the preferences for sending to instead of just receiving.
But personally…too many specifics takes away the fun. If I get a list (for example) saying the person wants a newborn boy, vintage layette preferably in blue…I’m going to feel more like a personal shopper instead of a “gift giver.” :thinking:


My list would be for frilly, ruffled vintage girl’s dresses. And classic styles for boys. My boys wore Good Lad of Philadelphia, Petit Ami, gymboree, Carter’s and cheap and cute styles from Walmart and target.


Me too @Theara I could give and receive that style :laughing:


Exactly! I don’t like the modern styles. I’m old fashioned!


I don’t mind if it is not genuine vintage it can be newer but look similar.


I like the newer vintage not the weird modern baby clothes. Polyester blends are great hehe.


I was so sad when babies r us went out of business, they had the sweetest newborn dresses!


Did you get a chance to shop their closeout?


Oh yes I did lol, spent way too much money too!


Me too! I bought a lot of toys.


I think the matches should be random. I love being creative and putting together layettes and I would be happy to go outside of my own personal tastes to put together the perfect layette for someone else. To me, that’s a fun challenge.

We could leave off colors from the questionnaire, or be less specific, like “I like bright colors” or “I like pastels” instead of pink, blue, etc.


To us rural folk it gets tricky to meet specific requests. I would probably broaden my style if I had access to it. We have a Burkes outlet that has super cute stuff. But newborn size is hit and miss. I never know what style they will have. I can buy online. But I would need to start that early or my box won’t get built for a few weeks after I get assigned a person. I know if I’m in charge I can just assign myself a person without a lot of specific requests. But what if another rural person gets assigned a tricky task. :thinking:


I grew up in a really rural area before the internet so I completely understand. 30 minutes to the nearest grocery store… These days I live in a more populated area, but with a busy work schedule and 3 teenagers I do nearly ALL of my shopping online. Most of my baby clothes are new with tags from eBay, at much lower prices than in the store.

What if we set a generous turn-around time (2 weeks from receiving the questionnaire?) so that shoppers can order online?


I definitely agree with no specific colors that takes the fun out.
Now the box can be put together with 1 complete look right? It could be a pajama outfit, casual or dressy outfit right…I think those should also NOT be specifically chosen either. I would love getting any type of box whether it be all sleepy time pajama themed or dressy… do you think that would make it any easier on a rural shoppers limitations @Katinafleming hope we are not stressing you everything is just a talk through right now and whatever your final decision is is perfectly fine. Everyone can then be offered the opportunity according to how you can accomplish it and have the option to join in or not to.