Layette swap discussion


Will anyone in Canada be participating?


I hope so. It’s not like the traveling box deal where you need a lot of participants. All we need is two Canadians and we could pair y’all up together. But surely there are at least 3 Canadians on here who would want to participate. I sure hope so. Y’all miss out on all the fun stuff.


I am literally right between Earth and Halfway. I think that means I’m officially in the middle of nowhere. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Mommarobin. How about you? And who are the other Canadians on here?


I will…if allowed :slight_smile:


I think we need to keep requests as simple as possible. I’ve gotten private messages from people saying they are overwhelmed and out if it’s going to be so complicated. Frankly, I agree. Too many limitations takes the fun away. So here’s my proposed questionnaire. But we need to figure out a price range. And also figure out what needs to go in the box. My thought is: one daytime outfit, blanket, 3+ accessories (headband, shoes, toy,etc) and maybe a sleeper or onesie. How does all of this sound? PNG


Do you shop for food online? I did in Florida for our trip but it made me want to start ordering food for home too. The grocery store is so stressful.


I was confused too. I hope I wasn’t adding to it! I love pastels and classic styles, no wool or animal products because of allergies. Otherwise I’m laid back and want to see what I can find and what someone else picks for me.


Yeah me too was just bit too excited lol, this is great, nice and simple is just fine!


@MilosMeadows get over here!


I was too! I prefer simple over complicated most of the time lol. This is so much fun.


Yep, I’m Canadian and might be interested :slight_smile:


What’s a good price range? I’m thinking $35-50 retail. If you can buy it on sale, excellent. I think the price needs to be the regular retail value. But what’s a good price?


I’d say that’s a pretty good range. It’s about what I spend per layette for each doll so I’d say it’s reasonable


Does that mean list it as the retail but buy on sale? I’m confused! That’s about the range many artists spend on the extra for their dolls.


Make sure your total is the retail price. You can go over if you want. But if you hit the Carter’s 50% off sale, you don’t need to go by the price you paid. Go by what it’s worth. Make sense?


Makes sense to me :slight_smile: How would homemade items be priced? Just using your best judgement or some other way?


Same way you price them for the traveling pants box.


I wasn’t a part of that lol I’m not aware of what the rule is for that


Best judgment sounds good to me