Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


So precious! She already looks so lifelike.


My Johanna needing her hair next!


Oh my goodness, she is beautiful! I love your coloring on the bottom off the feet. That is something I struggle with. Your baby looks so real…she is beautiful as a baldy too.


Thank you!


Beautiful baby!


Oh my gorgeous!!! Perfect coloring!!!


Thank you! I kept the bottom of her feet with flesh 08 so they would stay very pale in comparison to the sides and heel. I was thinking the same thing that she really does have a nicely shaped head for being a bald baby too.


Thank you! My first non caucasian baby, she was very orange before many correcting washes lol




She’s beautiful!!! Awesome job!


She’s coming along beautifully! I really like that kit!


Is this your first AA baby? She’s amazing! Beautiful coloring!


@Ruth If I remember correctly this is your first AA doll, right? You did an amazing job on her!


Where/how do I cut this to use with cloth body? I’m just having a block and can’t picture how to do it


This is how I would do it to make the body into the neck “flange”


I think anyways… I think the head and the body would fit in the grove?


I had a Berenguer baby whose torso I replaced with a cloth body and that’s exactly how I did it. Worked perfectly.


Ok…just wondering where the zip tie would fit, and if the head would be able to move


She is beautiful! Blushing will really bring her to life even more!


Stunning love her golden tan