Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2




I.also doing AA babies staying in the seychelles.

What washes did you correct orange blue washes


Also beginner


Thank you everyone. @YelenaRey and @Tessa She is actually the second one I did. I did a premie for my niece as my second baby i made (Taite). Still a work in progress. She is starting too get a bit shiny so I hope she continues to take the paint well. I still have to do all her blushing, nails, hair, and figure out what to do with the lips. Here is my Taite.


@Elka I was mainly lying using the flesh 05, flesh 04 and flesh 02 but I would mix in with the flesh 02 some eyelid purple, vein blue, Mars black and burnt umber. I followed the Kristal Rainey tutorial on YouTube as well as i could.she does not give recipes for her mixtures, but she does tell what colors to use. And she shows you how to do all the shading.


Sadie’s hair. She is a warm skintone, so I went with dark brown hair. Going for a biracial-Native American look like my babies had.


Look at that swirl!! :heart_eyes:


She beautiful


@Ruth Ruth, her color looks excellent in my opinion, but sorry for my honesty, her eyebrows are too high.


Awesome rooting!


Hi everyone! I am working on my first project. She’s got undertones, mottling, and some veining, but I have the basic ghsp set, and felt I need some yellow to accomplish the next few steps. So here we are, waiting on yellow!


That’s okay @YelenaRey , I appreciate your honesty. I thought so too, but I was so tired of doing them(I cant tell you how many times I redid them) I finally gave up. My niece loves him anyway…LOL. I dont like doing the premie kits as much as I like the bigger kits. They seem harder to get right to me.


@AlyBrick… You are doing a great job so far!


@Ruth Sorry, when you said ‘Still work in progress’ I thought that you are talking about your 2nd baby. My mistake. Yes your baby is beautiful anyway! :slight_smile: Eyebrows placement and shape is hard, and they are usually give the clue if doll done by experienced RA or a newbie. I guess for me it will take several years to get to the eyebrows that I have in my vision, but hey have a mind of their own :wink:


last two Easter Bunny toddlers
Julia by Jannie de Lange (sold)
Violet by Jannie de Lange (first pics, available for sale)



Very stunning


Looking good !! I still have not finished rooting hair on mine. That is one hard headed sweetheart, lol. Not to mention, I had to cover my melted spot. I did manage to get it all filled in.


Just sent Darren and Twin A home. I didn’t paint Twin A but I rooted her hair and changed her weighting a bit because her head was way too heavy. I’ll be posting more pics later maybe.


They are gorgeous !!