Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Love him!


Just have to finish rooting the back of big joe’s head and then I can assemble. Couldn’t resist setting her up on a blanket to get an idea of what she’ll look like!


I’m glad to hear good things about this hair. I ordered some a little over a month ago figuring for the price it was worth trying. I never received it so I just emailed her and she is resending it. The customer service is good, can’t wait to try the hair.


Rooting. Ugh.


My pretty baby girl! I don’t know if I can sell her lol


I wish I could do this!!! This looks amazing!



Beautiful job!! It’s terrible. I’m rooting a 15.5” head. I’m so tired of how mundane it it. I’m elbow deep in auburn red hair lol




What does he need? More mottling? More blushing?


It’s looking great, though!!


She is beautiful! What sculpt?


He is so precious!




Wow! You are getting more and more advanced in your rooting. Funny how people can feel so different about things. Like weeding my garden. Most detest it, I find it fun and meditative. Same with rooting. Hang in there you are on the home stretch!



I second that – that is the most realistic Prisma hair I’ve ever seen. Amazing, soft looking, and realistic. Great job!


Nearly finished with miss Indie’s painting. Cant decide if I want to warm up her skintone or not. She may be my palest baby to date.


@Vanniek That was exactly my thought :wink:. Great job!


@Mommarobin So adorable! Now that my Tinky #2 sent to her new home I miss her so much! Even my hubby misses her. I need my own baby-elf in my life!