Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


I know! I feel like I’m always rooting someone and when I take a break I feel guilty for some reason :roll_eyes:
Yours is looking great! I love the color. Hang in there, we can do this!


She’s adorable! I’d want to keep her too :slight_smile:


Wow ty both!! :heartpulse:


I never feel guilty! I need the break so my hands stop hurting lol :sunglasses:. But I’m always anxious to finish! She is done and glued although I think I will root some little hairs in the front more on Monday. :). How are you doing with yours?


Id do a bit of both, I can’t really see the mottling but it may be the light…maybe more blue shading as well?




Tacy’s rooting is finish ! I cut it shorter than I wanted because it tend to messed up too much.

With eyebrows


So cute!!!


That hair is going to be perfect!


Thank you, I am really loving it! She is my first curly haired baby :heart_eyes:


I know, kinda creepy my two micros sitting on Johannas headless shoulders :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


LOL…its really late here so it took me awhile to figure out what was what.
Your Salia is so cute…who’s the other one? Also you’ll have to tell me how you got the eyes in because I preordered the new little elf and Ill have to put her eyes in.


That is Emma from B.B. she was my test run on painting a micro. I used a crochet hook to hold the flap open, then another crochet hook with wax on the tip, stuck eye to it and ( still not easy ) lowered it into place.


I swear up a storm putting eyes in regular sized heads…this should be fun LOL


7 layers into these babies… Shyann with Pratt limbs and Tasha Schenk…


LOL, you couldn’t come out with more funniest picture! Love their outfits! Where did you get them?

I had an idea to sew a shirt for mini fairy Twinkle, but gave up on it and decided to crochet. Can’t wait to sell him and forget about him. I don’t think I’ll be missing him at all. I just cannot connect with him. Mean but true.


@Reefbubbles Did you do eyelashes on the open eyed one? I am just not sure if I need to do them on mini Twinkle eyes. I am planning to insert his eyes from the front while the vinyl is hot and stretchable. Will see how it goes…


Funny but sometimes you think you are going to just love a certain sculpt but you never really bond with them for some odd reason. I did put lashes on my micro preemie open eyed, only because I already had these human hair bottom lashes in a long strip I use for newborn sized babies. Works great for micro preemie top lashes. You could always paint or draw them…


Gorgeous rooting!! As always :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to see the finished baby! Mine is over halfway there now. I hope only another week and I’ll be done :slight_smile: