Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Thank you :blush:


@Reefbubbles I learned that sometimes prototype pictures can be deceiving. I knew that it’s not what I wanted from the moment I pulled him out of the box. And if LE is not sold out in 4 years - this is another sign that I’ll look out in the future. Since it’s my baby-steps in reborning, this is the lesson for me. I still want to buy Flynn, and not sure about Flo anymore. Some Flos look crazy to me on ebay.


Tasha Schenk is one of my all time favorite kits. Not sure what it is about her but I love her! And I haven’t seen many people reborn her.


She has a sweet face! This is a seconds that she had with limbs (2nds) since the kit is sold out! I think she is darling.


This is a good place to buy Flynn. It’s in Australia. But with the rate difference it makes him $85 including shipping. Plus the site has several kits on sale that we can’t get here. :slight_smile:


My Summer Rain girl…well her head. Lol. I need to do a little mock up tomorrow in the daylight to get an idea of what she will look like! She’s getting close. Eeek! She’s my very first and has been a total joy!


I haven’t venture out of B.B. sculpts yet, Salia was my first non B.B baby I have ever painted. I am completely dumb about buying sculpts from these other companies. How bout you learn and teach me later​:grin::wink::heart:


@Katinafleming Thank you, Katina. He listed as ‘Sold out’ :kissing_heart:


She’s looking great!


@Reefbubbles I’ll gladly share all my experiences :slight_smile:


Thank you! It means a lot- I’m excited about this new hobby of mine!


She’s really cute. I’ll bet you can’t wait to assemble and dress her.


That blonde, curly head is to die for! It’s exactly like my 3 year old daughter’s. You nailed it the realism!


@AlyBrick I think you are doing excellent on your first one! Almost everybody struggle with the eyebrows, but yours looks pretty good. Especially on other pictures that you posted in another thread, they are more visible.

And welcome to the forum! This is a great place to get information and learn.


Thank you so much! I am thinking about adding a hint of a few lighter hairs as a highlight, but daylight will help me decide. I have learned a ton just from searching the forum!


Your first?! No way… That baby is absolutely beautiful! Looks like you found your calling. Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh, thanks! It just may allow me to keep staying home with my own babies. I will be sad to let her go, but I’m eager to start this journey.


The first one should be a keeper, at least that is what I was told by this forum at the beginning of my reborning journey :slight_smile:


Rooting my Tobiah, sorry for the lack of eyes, Im still waiting for them. I was going to use the polyglass eyes but I decided to get some glass ones. Her hair is Chocolate Brown by HP Babylocks, I still have a long way to go, the entire top of her head is still bald and I have to finish the side part so it looks more natural.


Laura Lee Eagles correct? I am slowly starting to recognize sculptors work. :laughing:. Beautful work there!