Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


@AlyBrick, I still cant believe you are a beginner. That is some of the best hair I have seen. Is that paint or prisma pencil?


@RabbidBunnies I like the rounded head. I am going to try to stuff my to look like that when I get to them.


That hair looks amazing.


Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see her completed


Thank you so much! It’s genesis paint. Once I get this layer done, I may add a darker shade for some dimension.


Sorry, I don’t want to spam you guys with all kinds of boring pics, but her hairline got switched. I felt it didn’t flow with her soft spot. The lighting is terrible. I will probably continue to post pics in my Summer Rain thread from now on if you guys want to join me for the ride!


If I was you, I would not touch it any more. It’s amazing just like that ! Very realistic !


@Bec1273 Reborning goals. I would love to get color like that!


Looks great with these limbs!!


Thanks! For this baby I mostly followed Lara Antonucci’s Milk and Honey tutorial I got from Dolls by Sandie.


Spam us! We love the pictures :slight_smile:


Thank you. I am probably going to heat set this part, then finish the back. I will probably play around with some shading, but at least I can wipe it off if I want this back!


Light at the end of the tunnel


That hair’s really thick! You sure there’s a head in there somewhere? lol


My Tobiah’s eyes came in today and I couldn’t resist popping them in and snapping a picture. Her hair is a bit further along than it was with the other hair but as you can see, this hair suits her much better :slight_smile:




custom order Bonnie by Linda Murray, going home to Mommy and sisters in Japan (Mommy always requests very pale skin and masses of black hair )


I love her, @NancyW! She’s beautiful.


Beautiful @Nancy!


Is she too red ?
I struggle with the peach kits.

Madelyn Sieben