Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2

I hate those. I take them out and put in plastic joints.

It came with the Andres kit. What do I buy to switch it out?

Do they meant to hook armature to it? What are those hooks for?

Beautiful baby!

They’re just what holds the heavy cardboard disc on. They catch on everything so they don’t turn well.

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@Peachtree The price idea - I sold my Blaze with exact same limbs and painted hair for $200 on Reborns.

@jeanhai Are they just an old style?

Measure the discs and then buy that mm plastic joints. They’re probably 30-35 mm. Dolls So Real sells them in sets of two. Do you only need them for the arms?

No, both unfortunately

Does BB sell them? I just placed an order with dolls so real last week…didn’t want to order again, shipping kills me!

I’m taking a break from these two before I go crazy. Starting Brooklyn and Reese tonight.


He’s beautiful and I have the same problem…Im never happy :wink:
I did use the body he came with as well…I love the little round belly as well.
Im hoping to be able to start with my Azalea today but I doubt I will be able to because I need to start varnishing my Tutti and that usually wears me out. Hoping to at least get her washed up and ready.


Those are the German, jointed, bodies…I hate those, I have several of them that Im going to list on eBay. I usually just don’t get bodies with my European babies, I buy the doe suede ones on eBay. If I buy the Realborns from Dollsgarden or Secrist France they will send those white bodies if I request a body. I get most of my bodies from someone who lists them in lots of 3 or 5 and the price is very fair. I can get a lot of 3 for 30 euro when some people sell only one for that price.

They look like they need a teal or turquoise wash, that should do it :wink: . Are you using Genesis or air dry paints?
I use Golden and Teal is probably my favourite colour, it always evens the skin tone when I go overboard with the yellow or even burnt umber.

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Yeah, I really don’t like these limbs and I actually prefer 3/4 limbs lately. These are too straight and are very awkward to pose naturally.

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Oh my word, shes beyond cute!! Those red curls are amazing!!!

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Why are they causing you trouble?

Oh my precious goodness!!!

I’m having a lazy day here- just editing pics then going out for a coffee. I did Tutti once. She is big girl! Post pics when your done:)

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thank you <3

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