Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


@Vanniek Pilar is so precious!


Rooting Sunny!


@pia Aww, what a cute version of milk-blond Sunny! :heart_eyes: So adorable!!


Ohhh Sunny looks amazing!!! :heart_eyes:


Yes! Isn’t she? I just love her! If I bought her kit I may have to keep her :joy::heart_eyes:


Very nice even with out the eyes,lol. Love the outfit!! Your very talented!!


I love that, it will look great on Maggie…and Ive already told you how much I love your Maggie. Your Granddaughter is very lucky!


Thats beautiful and I can’t wait to see your Tobiah when you are finished :slight_smile:


She is looking great


That’s gorgeous !
I just finished a knitted outfit too, but not as intricate . My knitting is not as good, I prefer chochet


I just finished custom Ana Awake and LavenderAwake for 2 little girls.


So cute! I think I have this pattern as well


They’re so cute!


They are super cute !!!


Looks great!


Lucky girls! :heart_eyes:


Finally got around to doing Adalyn’s photo shoot today, I have her listed on Reborns.


WIP Custom order Adele by Ping Lau. Her Mommy and I waited patiently for her kit to arrive (we were so excited for her!!)


What do you think about the Adele kit? I want her. Is she worth buying?


Just wanted to show off a blanket my mom crocheted for Beesley. I love it!