Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


I only will buy her/him for custom orders, but the kit is cute, need to see it all together for size. I figure most toddler kits I pay 129.00, my bodies are 25.00 (included with Adele) and often buy limb packs to switch the limbs (50 bucks) so 179.00 for a toddler kit isn’t really high to me


Oh love her!! Amazing job!!


thank you :slight_smile:


WIP baby Brooklyn
My cell pics look dark tonight- but I just got her assembled and had to share!


So cute!


Adele was a ‘gotta have it’ kit for me. I just got mine. I still get queasy when I think about how much she cost and I don’t have eyes or hair yet, but I definitely think she was worth it. I’m itching to start her but I’m being responsible (groan). I have to finish one repair and one custom before I can work on her. It’s killing me!!


I love her, she’s so cute!! Ive been hoping you would do one of her :slight_smile:

I keep talking myself out of this kit because Im trying to save money for my vacation in early autumn.




Lola got more hair.


She’s adorable!! Best of luck on her sale!


She’s so cute!!


I love the hair patterns.




Working on Rose Rubert, who’s hopefully going to be a boy named Riley. Going for a pale baby, but he’s not actually as pale as he looks in the pic lol


Just a quick picture of Laura Stoete. My daughter thinks she is cross-eyed. She is going to stay that way. The eyes are set that way now. LOL


I can see I need to take the shine off between her nose and mouth. Pictures are helpful!


Some babies are a bit cross eyed. I think it’s a cute look.


Her hair looks amazing. You are doing a great job!


Just finishing up on a big Kitty for Lyla to match Maggie’s little kitten.


What beautiful hair !!!