Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Thank you.


:slight_smile: Thank you


That is so cute.


Summer Rain got a little photo update today.


Testing a limb for my alternative China chintz-ish porcelain looking baby. Choosing the details and strategically placing them will be key. Want it finished with a cracking varnish look


Love it so far! Can’t wait to see a whole baby painted like that!


Thank you, I may have to start a custom soon. If so I will have to set my fun aside for a bit longer. We shall see.


Ooh a custom! Do you know what kit? Your Salia makes me want to paint one but then I’d need to make clothes and I don’t know if I’ve recovered from making Tinky’s clothes yet :rofl:


Right! I feel ya. We are still speculating. My Johanna was shared by her new mommy on Facebook and so I am getting some nibbles.


I can’t wait to see what you guys choose! I know it’ll be awesome no matter what.
I have no clue who I’m gonna paint next. Big Joe broke my drying rack so I need a new one, and some other supplies.


Oh no I hear he is quite the chunker, they were not exaggerating! This made my entire weekend brighter this is what Johanna’s mommy posted on Facebook


He’s huge! I don’t know how I’m going to photograph him because he’s too big for all my props. Selling one of my premade babies would be super helpful right now. I have to borrow money from my mom to get more stuffing for big Joe. I used most of a 16 oz bag of polyfil on him and I still need more.
Aww, that’s really sweet! She’s so loved in her new home!


I didn’t think about him using that much fill, you are right that add to the cost for sure!


It’s nuts! I used some of the bag on Smilla but she’s super little so I didn’t use much. He’s really huge and sucks to root that big head. I need to root a bit faster cause he’s going home around the 26th. That’s definitely enough time but it means I can’t be lazy :rofl: Never again! Even for a custom order! I’d prefer June, cause at least she’s cute lol I don’t mind big joe’s face but I hate his sausage limbs.


You are so funny. Yep it does stink when you have to paint a kit you just don’t care for. Lack inspiration during the process.


That’s why I usually don’t. Sometimes I fall in love with them, like Jamie Kewy because he was super charming. But I’m dreading every time I have to work on Joseph. I know his mama is going to be so happy with him though, which is what keeps me going.


That’s awesome! She’s going to be beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished product!


thank you! go with the vacation, if you buy the kit its just more work!! LOL <3


I think she is absolutely awesomely adorable! :heart_eyes:


thank you!! <3