Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


how darling <3


@AlyBrick I love that update!


Yey! You did it! UNIQUE and beautiful! How many layers of white did it take you? Do you use Ultramarine Blue for your blue? Do you dilute blue with a paint thinner?


I used 8 very white pigmented washes. Could possibly need 1 more. But will decide on the real baby. Yep ultramarine blue mostly straight out of the container. It is harder to get a dark solid color than you think even straight from the container


Thank you :blush:


Awe, they are so cute!!!
My daughter has been practicing making them :slight_smile:


Does he need anything else aside from eyebrows and matting?


@Reefbubbles That is so awesome! It feels so great to make someone that happy. My next adopted baby will be from you as I want that experience :wink:!
BTW always wanted one of your babies even before I became reborner and was just Reborn buyer!
On a dark side :sunglasses:, you set the plank so high that when she will adopt her next baby and it will come in the plain box without exquisite wrapping and decor, she will be so disappointed…


Just put Tinky’s head on Priscilla’s body and I think Tinky makes a cute alternative realborn baby. I would want one for myself!
@lesser needs to help me to find kit with more skinnier limbs to match them better :slight_smile:


He looks good.


Thanks. :0)


@YelenaRey Awe you are so extremely kind! A fellow reborner wanting to own one of your babies is like the ultimate compliment :heart:️. I worry “I” won’t be able to live up to those expectations lol!




Her eyes look great! Babies are often a lil cross eyed


That’s adorable!


True…but I love the fact that it keeps me busy. Still, I have too many baby kits as it is and need to try and buy minimally and whittle down the bins of kits I have :wink:


Very cool!


@Reefbubbles Trust me, you will succeed my expectations! I try to do box opening experience pretty (‘special’ will be too strong word for it). For my first send out box I watched a video done by one of the forum member artist and I liked it a lot - simple, but pretty, so I incorporated that. I wrap everything in a tissue paper - colors depends on the gender, and then wrap each packet with blue or pink chiffon ribbons that have baby’s feet on it. For a baby wrap in the blanket I used wide chiffon ribbons. I do a care instruction in a scrapbooking type of way with baby picture and info in front. I include thank you card. But I don’t have any other embellishments, hearts or flowers. And also feel that I’ll do more than what I am doing my $200 range babies will be totally in negative balance for me :wink:

Outside and inside (depends on boy or girl) Since this one is going to a child, I picked page with more ‘child appealing’ design.

BTW @MilosMeadows Vika, you promised to upload your box presentation :wink:

I personally would love to see/ know how everyone do their ‘going home’ presentation.


I don’t like big joes limbs or how he seems to stare blankly


Me too! Start a new topic :slight_smile: