Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


I already did, under one of @Reefbubbles topics about it. I’m rooting but I can find it for you later if you can’t find it. It’s just a little keepsake that I send with special babies, not a whole box opening.
My general box opening for a newborn is hospital hat,bracelet and blanket. Everything is wrapped with tissue,ribbon and bows. A folder of care instructions,how the doll was made, fake formula recipe (I send an empty bottle so I don’t have to worry about spills) and a birth certificate and also a COA if the kit has one. Nothing really special lol When I sell locally I wrap everything the same way but I put it into a baby shower gift bag.

@Mommarobin I’m doing sleeping Joe, but I don’t like the awake one for that reason. He’s got such a blank, lifeless expression. And the limbs are not great, IMO. He has no wrists or ankles :rofl: the real baby is delightfully chubby and cute, but it didn’t translate well to the vinyl. Lots of people love him though. I have a custom for him which is the only reason I got him at all.


Yep…that’s the only reason I got him. I’m sure he will sell. He’s well liked by most


Sorry I missed it, but I think I know the thread that you are talking about. It’s where @Reefbubbles Taunya found pretty pop-up flower guirland (or whatever is correct spelling for it) Walmart, correct?


I think, but I’m not entirely sure. I really can’t remember lol


That looks amazing!


@YelenaRey Your print outs are much prettier than mine! You just jumped my Plank lol! I charged 500 +shipping for Johanna, when I sell my babies in the $200. Range I do tissue paper and ribbon too. I agree there is not enough wiggle room for extras!


My care instructions are very similar (as you know :wink: ) but I have them printed from walmart photo center on photo paper. That way it can not wrinkle as easy.
I do see you have a few errors in spelling and I will PM you.


Thank you


@PaperCityDolls I love your style! That baby is awesome!!! @Phassell Pretty kitty! @Reefbubbles In love, can’t wait to see more!!!


@jlesser Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate that !


Thank you!!


Can’t wait to see your finish doll!


Do you sell these?



She is perfect!


No I don’t sell them. These are actually the only 2 I have ever made. I am just learning.


Little Brooklyn is done-minus a hair cut still;) can’t decide if she should be a boy or girl!


So beautiful as both.


Looks amazing, very realistic


Adorable baby!


What a unique idea, looking good !!