Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


So cute, I think this one could go either way


Very nice skin tone! I see boy right now, but that may change after hair is added.


I see a girl! And what a beautiful girl she is! Lovely skintone! Honestly, you could leave her bald and she’d still be gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


I always hope so! :smiley:


She’s INcredible!! Amazing skin tone! I cannot do that lol


She looks so real! I want her! I might need to come over and steal her from you :rofl:


Make sure you have your passport, I don’t want to have to come bail you out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I’ve got it lol Imagine getting caught at the border after kidnapping a friend’s baby doll parts :rofl:


Um you might end up in another facility…not jail. Crazy baby lady🤣


Lol wouldn’t that be an excellent news story though :rofl:


Hmmm maybe sales will increase with some publicity like that! It would be nice of you to sacrifice yourself for our community!


Once I sell a few dolls I’ll be right there :rofl: I don’t think 56 cents will buy a plane ticket :rofl:


@Mommarobin you are making me want this kit!


Thank you:)


Perfect skin tone! I think boy or girl:)


Feeling pretty proud of this make. It’s for an artist who commissioned this and an outfit for a baby girl. Tomorrow I get started on another artist’s commission for the Rose Show. :grimacing:




Wow, this is so beautiful, looks like an expensive boutique outfit!


@mdurant1 So cute! The way how you hold her/him on the first picture I though it’s an elf or a fairy LOL