Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


I’m waiting on her body…then I’ll be putting her together!


It’s a beautiful outfit! I need to get at my sewing machine again :slight_smile:


@PaperCityDolls, thank you so much!

@Reefbubbles, thank you, I’m glad you think so! She sent me several boutique images for inspiration, so I’m happy to have achieved that look!

@YelenaRey, ha, I see how you could think that! Ana would make a pretty cute elf baby!

@Mommarobin, you should! Join me and @Tessa in our reborn sewing adventures!


@mdurant1 Wish I could sew like that!


Had to share the girl’s outfit too! Thank you all for your kind words!


Very pretty!


My 14 month old sleeps in one of these in her crib. It was handmade in Ukraine! Shipping was pretty pricey but I love it! I bought the toddler size. Maybe it will pop up as one of my photo props next baby! I wish I could make one but I don’t sew. I only knit and spin :slightly_smiling_face:


Gorgeous! All of it! Love the nest! My real baby has one :smiley:


I see boy but I always wait for the hair and then decide :wink:


Beautiful, I love both outfits!


@mdurant1 your outfits are beautiful!!!


You’ve gone and done it again, wow I LOVE it. Perfect boutique quality!


I would totally buy that!! Great job!


That so adorable!


Working on 3 month Joseph sleeping…something tells me he is going to be a SHE! LOL


Oh she’s precious! Lovely undertones!


She looks amazing, you details are so realistic, I am excited to see her all dressed up and girly cute


So sweet!


She’s sweet! Mine is a girl too


I see a girl or a boy, depending on how you dress this baby. Adorable!